Hi, I'm Pallas. I help people like you follow your passion, find your purpose and lead extraordinary lives. I can't wait to help you too!


In a previous life I was an Emmy-winning newscaster. But then I moved to New Zealand and reinvented - now I'm an award-winning international speaker, writer, mentor, pop-up consultancy founder, and radio/podcast host. (Also, mother of boys, dog-lover, hiker, foodie and traveller). I'm passionate about helping others lead extraordinary lives. Lives that POP. 

I can't wait to help you follow your passion, find your purpose and share your true value with the world. Live the life you deserve...



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If you want to learn how to get past some of life's challenges without struggling so much, watch my short videos (under 5 minutes each). They're personal stories about how to be happy, discover the secrets of success and find better life balance. The lessons are life-changing.

Take the first step to claim your value, and live the life you want and deserve...


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When questions and challenges pop up, that's when the thoughts in my head start popping - and I start writing.

Read my blog to get real-life stories of clients I've worked with and the lessons I've learned from them. Learn about strategies I've tried and tested to build confidence and get ahead - personally and professionally. Find out why it's critical to be very clear about who you are and be able to share that authentically and confidently.

I write about how others found the motivation, inspiration, and practical tools to get past whatever was stopping them from leading a life that pops.



One of my goals is to bring together a community of women - to join forces - so that we can grow our strength and be successful, together.

Together we can help wise women rise. We can help each other realize what we're worth and step into our power.

Join me in my members-only Facebook group for inspiration and insight, as well as real-world tools. 

With online coaching, daily insight and inspiration as well as regular interviews, learn how to own your value and broadcast that to the world - how to make your life POP today.


TEDx Talk

One of the first steps on my journey to help 100,000 people lead lives that POP was to do a TEDx talk on leading an Extraordinary Life.

Find out how I redefine what extraordinary means, and learn what you can do to get one step closer to leading the life you deserve.

The POP Process® wasn't yet created, but this talk laid the groundwork for what I now do...helping people lead extraordinary lives.

Individual by individual, I'm committed to helping everyone I can own your value and share it with the world.


Join Me on My Mission

My mission is to help 100,000 people lead lives that POP. But I can't coach that many, personally.

So, I have a variety of resources on offer to help you: from books to online coaching. They're affordable, accessible and you can use and enjoy them at your own pace.

Find out which one will help you change your life, today.


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